How to Avoid Dealer Tricks When Buying a Car

How to Avoid Dealer Tricks When Buying a Car

If there’s one thing that new car buyers end up regretting, it’s not reading between the lines when it comes to purchasing from a showroom. As friendly as the agents representing the firm might be, they are all after one thing – and that’s as much of your hard earned cash as possible. Unfortunately this can result in buyers being swindled in one way or another, so if you’re keen to minimise your concerns, here’s a guide on how to avoid dealer tricks when buying a car.

Low interest shouldn’t always capture your interest

Just because a certain deal offers low or 0% interest on a particular model, it doesn’t mean that it’s the be-all and end-all of options. For a start, most of these terms will include at least one catch – typically that the sale price won’t be negotiable in the slightest, or that you’ll be presented with limited vehicle options.

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch

If you’ve applied for finance and plan on driving your vehicle away ASAP –try not to jump the gun too soon. If you’re application is rejected then this could leave you without your ideal car, so why not aim to get your financing handled before you head to the showroom; simply for your own peace of mind?

Do you have a trade-in vehicle you would like to use?

It’s no secret that trading in your previous vehicle might encourage the showroom to knock the price of your new car down somewhat. But it’s also a good idea to consider the trade-in price before you visit the showroom in the first place. In the simplest terms, you could work out the trade-in price of your own car ahead of time and, if for example it’s valued at $5,000, that’s up to $5,000 that you should be able to get off of your new purchase.

Don’t be forced to sign on the dotted line

Plenty of showrooms make an unsavoury habit of stating ‘limited time offer’, or ‘buy today or miss out’. Sure, sometimes these offers are genuine but if you’ve been presented with a deal on a Monday and the agent says it won’t be valid by Tuesday – then why should you feel forced to act? Vehicles are available across the country and from countless reputable sellers, so don’t fall for a false sense of urgency.

If the showroom isn’t that keen to enjoy your hard earned cash, then someone else will; so try to avoid allowing yourself to feel pressured to opt for a deal when it could potentially be a bad one

Get your pre-approval before going to the dealer, apply now!


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